Oregon Surfperch Fishing

Although there are 9 different species of Surfperch along the Oregon Coast the most popular is the Red Tail perch.   These fish are saucer shaped and can weigh up to 2 pounds or more.

The best time of year to catch Surfperch is in the late Soring and early summer when they fend to school up.   You can find them all year long but you have to work a little harder for them the other times of the year.

Surfperch can be found off sandy beaches with some structure that will hold them.   Defined depressions, rock shelf’s, etc are perfect.   

The best time to fish for them is 1-2 hours before high tide.  This should give you a 2-3 hour window to fish for them.   As the tide is coming in the fish are as close as 30 feet to the shore line.   They are very active during the incoming tide looking for food.

Many fishermen use a 2 hook rig with Bait above the weight.  Crabs, shrimp, worms, clam necks and some of the new plastics seem to work very well.  In a pinch I have used raw chicken breast and have actually done very well.

A 9 - 11 foot rod is recommended with a stought spinning reel is best with 15+ pound test.   Remember you are casting into a heavy surf with a substantial sized weight to hold your rigging in place,  you need gear that can handle this.

Watch your regulations for updates but the current limit is 15 perch per angler in most areas.  

Surfpearch are delicious eating with a delicate white meat.   You get 2 nice fillets of the fish which most people will then dip in egg and then coat with something like Panko.  Add a little lemon and some tarter sauce and you too will probably be a fan.

There are literally thousands of places to fish for Surfperch along Oregon’s beaches.  With Salmon and bottom fish catching the attention of most fishermen this fishery tends to be les crowded.   

Lets us know about your Surfperch  trips and tricks,  we would be glad to hear from you.