Oregon Halibut Fishing

Oregon Halibut Fishing has recently come into the limelight as avid Oregon Fishermen are looking for other species of fish to catch.   With the recent Salmon runs not bringing in as many fish as in past years Oregon Halibut Fishing has become more popular.

Many Oregon fishermen have thought that if you wanted to catch trophy Halibut you need to head north to the waters of Alaska.   While this may be somewhat accurate, Oregon has and is producing some very nice Halibut catches. While most Oregon Halibut are in the 30-35 pound range we do see halibut at the docs in the 100 pound range or bigger.

Pacific Halibut can be found up and down the entire Oregon coast with many opportunities to fish very close to shore.  Typically the farther you venture off the coast the deeper you will have to fish. Fishing waters of 350 feet or more is not uncommon when fishing further out.   Whereas fishing in closer puts you in depths of around 100 feet. Have you ever tried to reel in a 50 pound halibut from 350 feet? Many times that becomes a 2-3 person project.

Although Oregon Halibut Fishing can be done with lighter tackle most people will use more sturdy gear with a larger level wind reel.   Braid has now become the most commonly used line. Compared to mono, because it is lighter and you can feel the action of your bait and lures at much greater depths.   

Over the years the majority of Oregon Halibut Fishermen have used bait and in particular herring when fishing for Halibut.   Either a single or double hook rig will work fine. Other baits such as squid, salmon belly, etc work well also. In recent years many Halibut fishermen are now using large bullet jigs with plastics,  where some are using large hoochies. In most cases the fisherman will also tip their hooks with a small piece of salmon or herring just to give the plastic an alluring scent.

As I am sure you realize,  Halibut is one of the most tasty fish you can ever serve.  The delicate white meat has an amazing flavor and can be prepared many different ways.   You typically get 15+ pounds of fillets from a 35 pound Halibut, so a single fish can provide a family of 4 with many awesome meals.

Halibut also are known for putting up an amazing fight.   Typically the larger Halibut are known as Barn Doors and that is exactly what they feel like when being reeled up from the bottom of the ocean.   Larger fish can make multiple runs back down to the bottom only to start the process all over again. Because of their size many Halibut do not fit even into the largest of nets so having a Halibut Harpoon is essential to bring these fish into the boat safely.   

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a day consider going on a Halibut trip this summer.   There is nothing like a day spent on a flat ocean fishing for trophy Oregon Halibut Fishing.