Fishing Hoochies

Fishing Hoochies have been around for decades and are basically a hallow plastic skirt of various colors and sizes that some what resembles a squid.

To understand where the term Hoochie came from one needs to understand the term  Hoochie Cochiee which was the name of a provocative belly dance back in the late 1800’s where only the dancers belly and skirt moved.  Apparently the Fishing Hoochie was named after this dance because the top of the hoochie is fixed and the bottom skirt of the hoochie is the part that moves.

The first fishing hoochies to hit the market in the  United States were introduced on the west coast to catch Salmon in the ocean while trolling.  Because of their success in catching Salmon fishermen started using them in fresh water and also for other species of fish.  As of the writting of this article hoochies are now the primary lures to use when fishing for Kokanee and Land Locked Salmon.

Hoochies are in demand because they are affordable, can  be used with other types of lures, can be fished with  or without bait and most importantly they catch a lot of fish.   

For the fisherman just starting to fish for Salmon a Hoochie and a flasher or dodger are easy to rig up and are deadly to use.  You can add a piece of herring to the hook and squirt some attractant directly on the hoochie, or both.   

Hoochies can be purchased from your local tackle store such as Fish-Field either pre-rigged or not rigged.   Understanding how to rig a hoochie will give the fisherman an endless arsenal of options when fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, Kokcanee and other types of game fish.

Adding hoochies of different sizes and colors to your tackle box is a very smart move.  As mentioned,  they are inexpensive and provide you with an endless array of options to fish.  Mix them up on your boat when fishing, you will find that the fish on certain days will be attracted to one color over another.   Keep in mind however that the next day the fish may not strike the color you were using the day before and you will need to experiment again to find the color and rig of the day.

Fishing hoochies keep evolving and will continue to evolve as fishermen experient with different ways to fish them.