Fish Can’t Resist Thumper Tail Swimbaits

Thumper Tail Swimbaits are an exclusive product of Fish-Field and are one of our flagship products.   These durable soft plastic swimbaits are available in sizes 2’, 4”, 6” and 9”. They can be fished in many different ways including cast & retrieve, jigged and even trolled.

They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns such as Disco Tiger, Daring Herring, Bottom Dollar, Ling Candy, Bass Basher, Redtail Wrecker… just to name a few.  The difference between the Thumper Tail and other swimbaits is the large paddle like tail that swings freely and produces a wounded fish vibration in the water column.

You can use Thumper Tails for:

  • Tuna

  • Salmon

  • Lingcod

  • Rockfish

  • Trophy Trout

  • Musky

  • And Both Large And Smallmouth Bass

And any other large fish that has an aggressive nature.  Thumper Tails make territorial fish more protective and they will strike Thumper Tails with a vengeance giving you better hook sets.   With fish such as Pike you commonly get more than one fish coming after it at a time..

Thumper Tails are priced so fishermen can have a selection of different colors and sizes with them at all times and not break the bank.   You will find different colors and patterns of Thumper Baits will work better than others depending on the species of fish, water conditions, and time of day.  

These plastics are very versatile and can be fished with an endless combination of terminal tackle.   Rig them on a lead head jig, troll them behind a flasher, rig them Texas Style with a cone sinker, suspend them under a bobber, the options are endless.

If you are looking for a new arrow in your quiver then Thumper Tail Swimbaits should definitely be one of your top considerations.   Simply put, no matter what you are fishing for Thumper Tails will help you catch more fish.