Buoy 10 Fall Chinook Salmon Season 2018

The Fall Chinook Salmon season is almost here and that means fishermen are getting their boats and tackle ready for fishing at Buoy 10.  As you know Buoy 10 is one of the most popular places in North America to catch big Chinook Salmon.

But seasoned fishermen understand that going out to Buoy 10 to fish can quickly turn into a disaster if they are not properly prepared.   When the fish are running there are a lot of boats on the water and safety must be of your utmost concern.  The waters can be rough and turbulent and your boat needs to be in tip top condition.

Here is a short list of things you will want to check before you head out for a days fishing at Buoy 10:


Check both your main and kicker motors

Replace fuel filters and plugs if needed

Test your electronics including your radio

Inspect your life jackets and other safety gear

Make sure your net is in good condition

Replace the line on your Reels 

Prepare all the tackle you will be bringing

Make sure you have your boat plug with you

Make sure your boat is licensed correctly

Get your fishing license and tags

Sharpen your fillet knives

Make sure you have a full tank of gas


Fishing for fall Chinook at Buoy 10 can be one of the most memorable fishing trips your have ever gone out on.  Just make sure it is memorable in the right way.