Big Al’s Fish Flash - Yakima Bait

If your looking to up your game and put more Salmon in the boat this season then consider investing in few Big Al’s Fish Flash’s this season

The Fish Flash has fast become one of the most popular Salmon attractors used in Northwest Rivers today. Both avid sports fishermen and professional guides have made the Fish Flash a part of one of their goto rigs.

When you un-package a Fish Flash you immediately notice the unique design and the quality of the product. The Fish Flash can be fished right out of the package. All ready attached is a stainless steel dual ball bearing swivel that will spin effortlessly for years to come. You can even connect two different Fish Flashes in tandem to really light things up. Mix and match different colors, patterns and sizes to find what works best for you.

Take note that the Fish Flash radiates a tremendous amount of light and by design it looks like a strobe light in the water. Fish will be instantly attracted to the Fish Flash but may not be comfortable getting as close to it as other flashers on the market that reflect less light. With this in mind you will want to increase the amount of leader you run from the flasher to the lure or bait. 5 or 6 feet may not be too much in clear water conditions, where as 3 feet or more would be best in less clear conditions.

The Fish Flasher is made from extruded plastic and all the edges are rounded. This means than when you line comes in contact with the Flasher it will be les likely to cut or mar the line. In addition, Fish Flashes work very well will leaded or weighted lines because of this factor and that the dual ball bearing swivels that are included will hold up to a heavier weighted line.

The Fish Flash will also connect directly to your down riggers or divers. This saves the time and hassle of rigging the flasher to be used and keeps you Fishing sooner and longer