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Brian May

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What was your most memorable day fishing and why? Was it because the fish were just jumping into your boat no matter what you did, or was it because you spent the time with friends family and loved ones, free from the worries of everyday life? Northwest Premier Outfitters will help you create lasting memories every time you fish with us! Whether you are catching your very first fish or reeling in a trophy, we want your experience to be rewarding and unforgettable. We fish from our 24x7 ft. Alumaweld Super Vee Pro that provides a comfortable platform as we pursue our catch and relish in the beautiful scenery the Pacific Northwest has to offer. You will experience nothing but the highest level of quality and innovation with industry leading brands in G.Loomis Rods and Shimano Reels. From the once a year corporate fishing trip to the seasoned fisherman and fisherwoman of any age, we would love the opportunity to fish with you!

Big Dave

Big Dave

Wilson River Lodge

“Big Dave” Manners has been a salmon and steelhead fishing fanatic since he first set foot on the bank of a rushing river as a youngster growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Manners fell in love with the art of salmon and steelhead fishing and made the pursuit of these elusive fish his life’s work. There was something so rewarding about uncovering these fish’s subtle and ever-changing nuances that Big Dave took the next step and completely immersed himself chasing them. At 23, Manners took the step most people only dream of when he started his own salmon fishing lodge in the Lake Creek area of Alaska. Since then, he’s owned and operated multiple lodges the last 17 years in Alaska until he found Alaska’s Shangri-la and planted his steaks. Today, Manners runs Big Dave’s Fishing Adventures on the Kichatna River in the Upper Yentna River headwaters, which is widely considered one of Alaska’s premier freshwater king and coho fishing destinations. There are tackle busting king salmon and the ravenous coho swarming the waters surrounding the camp, opening up an endless supply of fertile waters for guests to explore while they look for the fish of a lifetime. For the more adventurous angler looking to cross as many experiences off their bucket list as possible in a single trip, he has lit the way for the journey. Trophy rainbow trout, chum, sockeye and pink salmon, as well as arctic grayling, and even northern pike, are available within a boat ride from the camp when the seasons are right. If there was a place with more remote access to a more exhilarating and once-in-a-lifetime experience, it hasn’t been discovered yet. Big Dave’s success and infectious personality catapulted him into the limelight where he’s been featured in Fish Alaska Magazine, Salmon Trout and Steelheader, Salmon and Steelhead Journal and others. Big Dave has made regular appearances on Northwest’s TV show Hawg Quest. Most recently Big Dave has filmed with Angler’s West Television and is a Pro Staff member. Nonetheless, it’s always been about the sport to Big Dave and he’s done what he can to protect it by donating dozens of trips to multiple pro-fishing organizations. When Big Dave isn’t up in Alaska, he and his beautiful wife Leslie and son Max and Bodie, reside in Tillamook, Oregon where he spends October through July fishing the Wilson, Kilchis, Trask rivers along with Tillamook Bay/tidewaters in Oregon for fall chinook and winter steelhead. For more information, visit .


Dave Phillips

Dave “Teton” Phillips, grew up in the valley of the Grand Tetons in Eastern Idaho with generations of outdoor, farming and ranching roots and an outdoor ethic of conservation and partnering with nature. Fishing became Dave’s main outdoor passion from a young age with a trophy trout pond on his Father’s ranch, and world class fly and trout fishing on the nearby waters in Yellowstone, Snake and Teton rivers. College years took him to more trout streams and lakes in Southern Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

Grad school in the Pacific Northwest in the late ‘90s replanted his fishing roots into the tidewater systems of large rivers and bays connected with the Pacific Ocean. His love of small streams was replaced by Spring Salmon, Saltwater Salmon, Halibut and eventually the summer Albacore Tuna fishery miles offshore. During the cold and wet months of February through May when Spring Salmon run up the Columbia River system, Dave escapes his busy land use, construction and real estate law practice in search of his favorite table fare, with the taste of May and June Halibut fisheries a close second.

Dave’s passion is chasing tuna offshore in blue water. Late June through mid October the rich waters on the edge of the continental shelf are invaded by millions of hungry tuna and local tuna enthusiasts like Dave spend much of the remaining part of the year getting ready for prime summer fishing season offshore. The fishery is a century old pioneered by commercial fishermen, but newer techniques added to these tried and true methods employed by Dave and presented in his many seminars bring this high energy tuna light tackle sport fishery to a new level. High catch rates, the prospects of running up to 60 miles offshore, navigating tough bar crossings and fickle weather patterns add to the challenge. As Dave often mentions in front of other tuna junkies, salmon fishing is a gentleman’s sport and tuna fishing is full on combat fishing.

Dave’s work in passing on the passion is evident in his regular string of fishing seminars at local and regional tackle shops in Oregon and Washington beginning in March through when the first waves of tuna reach sport boat range in late June. Dave teaches the details of techniques honed in years integrating advanced jigging and casting approaches with tried and true trolling and bait presentations. His presentations add using state of the art sonar and satellite imagery to help find the fish in the vastness of the ocean off the continental shelf. Dave’s presentations are focused on the small boat fisherman and he encourages experimentation and mastering a number of techniques for success. Dave works with Shimano as a Master Brand Advocate promoting their jigging, bait and trolling gear and works with Raymarine as a Level 1 Pro Ambassador working with customers and dealers of marine electronics. He also volunteers on the Board of the Oregon Tuna Classic tournament series, a multi-event tuna tournament benefitting local food banks.