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    Micromodule Gear X-Ship - Double Bearing Supported Pinion Gear • Ultra-Light Handle Rotation • Increased Gearing Efficiency and Power G Free Body E.I. Surface Treatment for extreme corrosion protection on Spool Aerowrap II Oscillation Super Mg S A-RB Bearings (Shielded A-RB) One-Piece Bail AR-C Light Spool Coreprotect Rigid Support System: Rigid Support...

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    Propulsion Line Management Systemn (except on AX-ULSA) Graphite Frame, Sideplate & Rotor Diecast Aluminum Spool Varispeed (excluding AX-ULSA) Super Stopper II (excluding AX-ULSA) Ported Handle Shank (excluding AX-ULSA) Dyna-Balance Power Roller II (excluding AX-ULSA) P3 Approved for use in Saltwater Rated for use with Mono, Fluorocarbon and...

  • $199.99 - $259.99

    X-Ship for enhanced durability and effortless retrieve. X-Shield provides extreme water resistance in all critical locations. Cold-forged CF Gear provides even more durability. Gear Ratios - 4.6:1 - 4.9:1 4 - S A-RB® (Ball Bearings)

    $199.99 - $259.99
  • $39.99

    Features 3+1 Bearings Retrieve Range 28-33 (in) 7.8-12.5 WEIGHT RANGE (oz) Front Drag 7-20 (lb) Drag Power Range Moderate Crank Power High Cast Rating

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  • $329.99

    Features X-Ship 7+1- 8+1 Bearings Retrieve Range 30-41 (in) 6.5-19.6 WEIGHT RANGE (oz) Front Drag 7-20 (lb) Drag Power Range High Crank Power Extra High Cast Rating

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  • $269.99 - $409.99

    "One of Shimano's latest additons to the Offshore Spining line up dedicated to the Blue Water angler. Saragosa SW features Propulsion Line Management System, Paladin Gearing, Waterproof drag and Shielded A-RB bearings. Tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power. Up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offhore fish."

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    Hagane Body Hagane Gear Super Stopper II X-Ship SA-RB Cf Aluminum Cold Forge Spool Dyna-Balance Fluidrive II Power Roller II SR-Concept Propulsion Line Management System Aero Wrap II

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    Propulsion Line Management System Super Stopper II S A-RB Cr Aluminum Cold Forge Spool Dyna-Balance Power Roller

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  • $229.99 - $239.99

    As the Saltist name implies, these reels were designed for all-out serious saltwater fishing. And that means simple, straight forward mechanisms that can withstand the punishment and still work flawlessly, time after time. Like a manual bail trip for fewer moving parts—greater strength and reliability. Even a dual, full-time anti-reverse you can depend...

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  • $699.95 - $709.95

    ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT MAGSEALED SPINNING REELS Exist will set higher standards for spinning reels. Now with Magsealed ball bearings on both sides of the drive gear in addition to a Magsealed main shaft and line roller. Exist offers smooth trouble free rotation with less maintenance. Magsealed ball bearings will help enhance the durability—even in harsh...

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    Built for the fresh or saltwater perfectionist, Steez EX offers legendary Steez performance housed in a corrosion-proof Zaion body with weights starting at just 6.9 ounces.Match perfectly with Steez® Bass Rods.

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  • $199.95 - $209.95

    Ballistic is now magsealed which will enable it to perform in either fresh or saltwater conditions. Ballistic has a Zaion body and side cover to make it lightweight and corrosion-proof. Add a sealed drag, Air Rotor and Digigear drive and you have a very powerful and durable reel.

    $199.95 - $209.95
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Showing 1 - 12 of 105 items