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  • $49.99 - $84.99

    Featuring graphite composite blanks, stainless steel double-foot guides with aluminum oxide inserts, Okuma Longitude surf fishing rods deliver a lot of fishing rod for their very modest cost. Lengths from 9- to 12-feet in length focus on spinning models to serve the greatest number of anglers with easy-handling performance. Traditional cork tape grips...

    $49.99 - $84.99
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  • $189.99 - $199.99

     Extremely light weight and responsive 24-ton carbon rod blanks   Rod blanks feature OC-9 carbon outer wrap for improved hoop strength  Fuji K-concept guide frames for maximum compatibility with braided line  Fuji Alconite guide inserts. Compatible for braided line   Guide wrappings with pure carbon thread for improved holding power  Tapered EVA rear...

    $189.99 - $199.99
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  • $399.95

    The Si Series is innovative new technology salmon and steelhead anglers highly regard as the best of the best. Experience superior strength, as much as 40%, with no added weight. The Si Series delivers greater sensitivity by using advanced resins and extremely small diameter blanks. The Lamiglas Si series also features titanium K-frame guides and exposed...

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  • $164.99

    Okuma Andros rods were developed in concert with the Andros 5II lever drag reel as a highly advanced vertical jigging platform. The reel is astonishing, and so too are the rods. In order to shed weight without losing power, Andros rods feature parabolic blanks constructed of IM-6 graphite. Each model is crafted in two-pieces with a handle ferrule...

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  • $114.99 - $134.99

    Cedros Speed Jig rods amplify your success within every aspect of rod performance. At the top of the list is rod action. Designed for specific jig weights, Cedros Speed Jig rods extract maximum attraction from jigs at every point in the presentation. Upon the strike, E-glass banks absorb the shock produced by low-stretch braided lines while reserving the...

    $114.99 - $134.99
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  • $79.99 - $89.99

    Constructed on moderate-fast action blanks, the Okuma SLV series offers smooth, easy-casting fly rods that are a delight to fish. Eight to nine feet in length, each model is constructed in four pieces for compact travel. Featuring aluminum reel seats, titanium oxide stripper guides and stainless steel snake guides, SLV fly rods are equally at home on a...

    $79.99 - $89.99
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  • $59.99

    With a traditional build that includes half wells grip, rosewood reel seat and stainless steel snake guides, Crisium fly rods are targeted at those who cast with a smooth and patient stroke. As reward for patience, casters receive nearly effortless short- to mid-range casting and wonderful protection of delicate tippets. Constructed in two pieces and in...

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  • $390.00

    An ultra-capable fiberglass fish-catching machine. The Super G series was born to be the best fiberglass fishing rod ever built. We went above and beyond the call of duty to provide the ultimate glass rod.

  • $169.99

     Features premium ALPS guides  Fuji reel seats for maximum durability  40-Ton carbon, ultra-responsive blank construction  Premium 3K woven carbon fiber fore and rear grips  Precision engineered for PNW Salmon and Steelhead fishing

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Showing 73 - 81 of 81 items